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Pen-Pressure Sensitivity Not Working in SAI
If I hadn't figured out the solution to this problem then this would probably be a cry for help, but instead I hope this will be a bit helpful. 
I think I'll run down a couple of solutions I've found and stuff. Bear in mind that even though I've found several solutions they won't necessarily work for you and these aren't ALL the solutions either, and if the problem persists perhaps you should seek professional help, as I am only an internet lurker who has depended on Google and other sources. And please, I'm not a tech whiz, so if you continue to have issues, I'm not necessarily the one you should come running to for help. I can try, but Google and professional help are probably better than I am. 
I'll talk a little first.
I've run into many problems in SAI with the pen sensitivity. What is pen sensitivty? Well basically,

It allows you to vary the width of your pen strokes with how much pressure you apply to it, and almost
:iconamiritec:amiriteC 448 642
Have My Paint Tool Sai !!!
While I have my sai files up for download and what not - please know I am not an expert at fixing them or figuring out these problems! I get a lot of people who ask me how to do certain things and often times I cannot provide an answer. Simply because I really don't know how to help said problem! The most I can say is to uninstall your tablet drivers and sai, restart your comp then reinstall. It usually works but that's literally one of my only solutions. I hope everyone understands! and Thank you again for your lovely Support! ♥
ALSO NO!!! This has 0 Viruses! None! Nada! Zilch! I would never give anyone a virus because that's a nasty thing to do so no worries my friends! Happy downloading! 
UPDATE #1 | 11/27/16 : Apparently some of ya'll are getting viruses??? Even though I myself have never put them there. I'll see what I can do about that my friends - this is possibly because of the file
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Slime-Vibe APP: Daniel Paige


 Daniel "Danny" Paige

Species: Human

Age: 26

Height: 6’

Gender: Male [He/him]

Romantic/Sexual orientation: Gay

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Highschool Janitor


There's not much to say about Danny.  Growing up he didn't really spend too much time trying to make friends or get into relationships.  Though if the random lonely person needed someone to talk to, he'd be there.  Well.. he wouldn't go out of his way, but he had that look of, I'll listen to your problems but don't expect any advice, and people would just find their way to the same bench as he was and start their story.  Basically he was a quiet, but approachable kid.  He was raised by his mother and father, though was kicked out when they found out about his sexuality.  He had gotten a part time job as the high school's janitor to pay for an apartment to live in, while also balancing school work.  It was hard at times, but he made it work.

Now, in his adult years, he still works as the janitor to the highschool, full time, not really finding any reason to leave.  It's good pay, and he's good at what he does.  Even though he could do with out the student's disregard for picking up after themselves, he still enjoys his work, keeping the school, that gives him an income, clean.





| Calm | Friendly | Mischievous | Serious | Sympathetic |

Classic, stoic guy with a heart of gold

Danny can be quiet, mainly because as a janitor, not many people notice him.  But when they do, he can talk, he can converse.  There's a big difference between ignored Danny, and paid attention to Danny.  He won't beg for attention, but if you take the time to show it to him, you're more then likely to gain either a small talk pal, or an actual friend.  As he got older, and more comfortable with talking to people, Danny became one of those adults that people go to for advice, or just a ear to hear them.  Like a janitor therapist.. though he wouldn't make you take his advice to heart.
Either way... depending on the situation.. Danny can either be the quietest background guy, or that type of person whose words get stuck in your head for a few days. 








Helping others who need/deserve it



Rude kids

Alcohol (Not so much dislike, just not a big interest in it)

Rude adults

Just rude people in general honestly

His parents (Try not to ask too much about them)

Trash just being left out when there's a trash can /right there/




Mun is 21+

Deviantart Notes



■ Will do:




Smut (18+ muns)


Anything that's not fluff, platonic, or rated G = 18+ muns only

We can discuss more if you have questions


■ Will not do:

Smut with 17 and under

If you are underage, do not come to me for smut or any other inappropriate things, please

2013 - 2017 Joseph Sheldon
*Comes back to life to show updated art of an oc I brought back from the grave*

Btw, if you want to see my art more, I update much more on tumblr, instagram, and facebook, by the name of SunflowerPirateArt
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So on my art accounts, I had been going by DarkOverlordArt

I decided it was time for a change... so now my accounts are SunflowerPirateArt

Just letting you all know!
So on my art accounts, I had been going by DarkOverlordArt

I decided it was time for a change... so now my accounts are SunflowerPirateArt

Just letting you all know!


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