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June 16, 2013
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UR Application: G.A.V.I.N by Koragg1 UR Application: G.A.V.I.N by Koragg1

    Wanna RP?




    b a s i c s

      ◆◇ Name ◇◆ [Guardian of Allied Villagers in Intensive Need]

      ◆◇ Species ◇◆ [Stone Golem]

      ◆◇ Age|Birthday ◇◆ [Unknown]

      ◆◇ Gender|Sexuality ◇◆ [Referred to as male]|[None]

      ◆◇ Height|Weight ◇◆ [7ft]|[300lbs]

      ◆◇ Basic Physical Description ◇◆ [Basically a giant stone armor looking creature with moss growing in his joints and other un reachable areas that he cannot clean. Has orange glows coming from his “eye sockets” and has his name carved on the inside of his right forearm]

      ◆◇ Job ◇◆ [None as of yet, but can best be used as some form of security]


    a b o u t

      ◆◇ Personality ◇◆

        [He is protective due to the fact he was made to protect an entire village. His curiosity branches out and sometimes gets him into trouble. Due to his protective nature, he is most hesitant when handling something small or fragile.. he’s like a big stone teddy bear.. unless he is threatened, then he can turn very violent.]

      ◆◇ Background ◇◆

        [There were two small towns who were not well protected when it came to threats to their villages. They joined their villages together in hope that having a bigger population would scare off anyone who would want to do harm to them. Sadly they were mistaken as the violence and thievery just got worse over time. Soon one of the villagers, a sculptor gained an idea of creating something that could protect their village since they couldn't.
        He began construction on a type of guardian to protect them, and dived within books of incantations and seals. Finally when his research was done, and his guardian complete, he needed the soul of a honorable warrior to use as the guardian's grip on living. They had one in the village who sacrificed himself for this purpose.
        The newly created stone golem, with the soul of a pasted warrior, protected their village for many years. He was dubbed G.A.V.I.N which stood for Guardian of Allied Villagers in Intensive Need. ((Hey, I didn't say they were the most clever namers XD)) It was a nice and quiet life for the villagers before a nearby kingdom decided to expand their land and mounted a full blown war with the village.
        G.A.V.I.N tried the best he could to protect the village but was outnumbered and out weaponed, thus resulting in some of the enemies to literally bash his head off his body. The disconnection of his body and head caused him to "black out" long enough for the enemy to throw him down an enormous cliff.
        When he awoke he was able to reattach his body and head. He began trying to relocate the village, but what he found was ruin and carnage. No longer having something to protect he wandered for years till finally just sitting down and letting his soul wither away into nothingness. Atleast, that's what he thought would happen. The next time he awoke, he was in the Underworld. He was not sure how he got there but with the state his body was in and the flattened areas of ground that lead to him.. he decided to think that he was dragged here by someone, or something.]


    m i s c e l l a n e o u s i n f o

      You can find him sitting alone in a opened area, maybe looking at plants or trying to hold and play with small wildlife
      If he forms a bond with someone he would have the urge to protect them under any costs

      [a p a r t m e n t . c o m p l e x]
      Slivovitz Valley
      [l i k e s // d i s l i k e s]
      +Small creatures
      -Violence when it is not appropriate
      -Those who prey on the weak

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